About Us
Imperial carries Traditional Chinese Medicine products for external applications which have long been trusted and known for its efficacies. Its products contain active ingredients for quick and effective remedy for a variety of ailments.
The name Imperial suggests that the brand befits an emperor's use. The Chinese name 马车牌 (pronounced as Ma Che Pai)
Poli Medical Company Pte Ltd ("Poli Medical") is an established development and manufacturing organization that provides an extensive range of products and services to both local and global companies within the health sector
Poli Medical was founded in 1971 as a patent medicine manufacturer with a core focus on Natural Herbal Bases supplements including liquid based bottled health drinks. Since then, Poli Medical has evolved to providing comprehensive contract manufacturing/OEM of private label health and food supplements and marketing/distribution services for related health products/supplements
Today, Poli Medical Company Pte Ltd is one of the pharmaceutical manufacturers within Singapore with a Health Authority of Singapore (HSA) certified GMP facility with 5 main lines of production:
  • Capsules
  • Sachets
  • Powders
  • Syrups
  • Liquids
  • Pills
Poly Natural Health Process Pte Ltd (“Poly Natural”) was founded in 1988 as a manufacturer with a specialized focus on Bottled Birds nest and Hashima.
We are committed to providing comprehensive contract manufacturing/OEM of private label \brands. Poly Natural is fully graded by the Singapore HACCP standards and continually aims to uphold these high quality standards. Our commitment to innovation also sees us working together with some of the top institutions in Singapore to create new products to meet the ever changing demands of today's modern society.
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